Sunday, June 3, 2007

Micropenis Images

If you are not a micropenis sufferer and wonder how micropenis looks like you may have a look at these 2 micropenis photos I found over wikipedia

Check the following link for more micropenis images
Hello. This is my first post here ! I suffer from a condition called micropenis . In a few words micropenis is a condition where the sufferer has a really really small penis. This penis must be nine centimeter or less in order to be considered a micropenis.Usually the micropenis has no abnormalities and is also capable of erections. The only difference to normal penises is the small size of it that makes it aesthetically unpleasant for most people and more importantly for most of the women...:(

I had nothing better to do so I created this blog.I will try to add various information about the micropenis condition from time to time so if you are interested on the subject or if you are a micropenis sufferer revisit the blog.I hope that you will enjoy your stay here :)

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